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Web design services for community groups

  • If you are part of a society or group such as a choral society, amateur dramatics organisation or perhaps a sports club - rugby, football, golf, etc - then you will understand the importance of disseminating information to your members in a timely and cost efficient manner.  If you perform publicly and have a following then telling the public about your next performance is vital for boosting ticket sales.    

  • However, your listing can change on sometimes a weekly basis, so what do you do?



  • You need a site that can be frequently updated and where new pages are automatically incorporated into the site navigation on existing pages. 

    But for most organisations the idea of a frequently updated site is a difficult problem - editing HTML (the language a web page is written in) is difficult for most people, and there is the considerable logistics problem of multiple people keeping copies of the site's files at their homes and trying to keep their separate efforts synchronised. This last point is the single biggest reason that most community websites fail - the workload falls on one person because of this logistical problem, and as the workload becomes too much the site falls behind and eventually becomes stagnant.

  • We have a package that is ideal for groups such as yours. The solution is based upon a Content Management System, software that is placed on your server and that allows people you specify to create or edit pages and arrange the overall site structure.

  • We can train you how to update the site yourself, thus saving you lots of money and having a constantly useful site.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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