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Website Design Services For Individuals

  • Whether you have a creative hobby to showcase your work, such as an artist, writer or stand-up comedian, or opinions you need to release to the world, having your own website is a great way to put your output into the world.

  • Making information available is what the internet is all about and the perfect medium as it can be viewed by people all over the world and at any time of day or night, in any timezone or country.

  • If you have information to share then a website is just what you need to help you do this.

Examples of people who could use a website:

  • Creative people: artists, poets, writers, comedians - a website could act as a showcase for past, current and future works, and an instant way to get your talent out there.

  • It could also provide a first point of contact for members of the press.

  • It could provide details of appearances, gigs, or new exhibitions, etc.

  • Interested in selling a home or car privately - A website might be the ideal showcase.

    • Are you looking for work? - A website could allow you to expand upon your C.V. and include photos, video or anything else that you feel might add to the impact of your application.

  • We can password protect your site, you add the password to your CV or application letters and only those preselected by you can see your details. If you still wish to leave some details publicly accessible then we can do that too, a basic welcome page with broad brush information and an invitation for the potential employer to e-mail you for a password. In this way you can still use on-line job search sites, etc.

  • Website Design For Sole Proprietors and Small Businesses

  • If you have a business to promote the Internet provides some interesting opportunities as increasingly, people are turning to the Internet as their first port of call when they are looking for a business.



Landlords and People with foreign holiday homes

  • A website could act as a multimedia brochure allowing you to showcase your property.


If any of that is of any interest then you are probably beginning to ask yourself two questions:


What is involved in setting up a website?
How much does it all cost?


Setting up a website:

  • Domain name - you need a domain name. This acts as the 'web address' and email address. For example "" for this site or "" for a search engine. You do not buy a domain name outright - you pay for the right to use the name for one or two years, but with an automatic right of renewal.

  • Web pages - You need some web pages, actual content for people to read.

  • Web hosting - You need a computer to host those pages - this must be permanently available on the internet, for this reason most people pay an external web hosting company to host their website - hosting from home is simply not viable.


There are a number of factors that will affect pricing so it is difficult to be definitive, but here are our pricing guidelines:

Things that will increase the price of a design and hosting package:

  • The number of pages involved.

  • The amount of work needed to optimise any graphics you want included.

  • The level of traffic to the site - if you anticipate extremely high numbers of visitor then expect to pay more.

  • The amount of drafting, editing and re-editing needed for your text.

  • The frequency of any updates, or time spent teaching you how to update the site yourself.

  • Please contact us to arrange a FREE initial consultation, we will advise you and establish your requirements.


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