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GOLD SERVICE - e- commerce site, for people who wish to trade online.

10-15 Page Ready Made e- commerce Site

This is for the full works. We will create a 15 page ready made site with your own text and images,

as well as incorporating e-commerce capabilities, social networking connections and online booking systems if needed.

We also host it for you, pay the domain name charge, and register it and keywords with the Google search engine,

(so a customer sees the site when they type in various keywords into

(Please note an extra cost is added if we have to write the content and take photos for the site,

and if any training is needed for updating your site, or for future updates by ourselves.)

Price: £450

Further costs to maintain the site:

£20 a year for hosting it.  (Hosting if free for the 1st year.)

Future Updates and Alterations once the site has been made:

£20 per hour's work (minimum charge £20).

If preferred, to make your own updates and alterations (requires a basic degree of IT literacy):

I can train someone to do this in an hour's training for £30.


What do I get for my £450?

The GOLD SERVICE is the ideal solution for small to medium businesses that wish to trade online and offer a professional online service. The platform is fully equipped with an abundance of features to guide your users seamlessly through product navigation, selection and secure purchase.     With full stock control, order management, invoicing and automated customer correspondence this system, even at base level, offers you a complete solution for your online business.


Ecommerce Solution

1 x Ecommerce Website System
1 x Standard Design & Integration
1 x Content Management System (CMS)(This will give you total control over every section of your site. It has its own unique design suite for unlimited changes, plus the ability to up/down-load new pages, images, videos & banners etc).

1 x SEO Optimisation & Programming(The core system is optimised & programmed from top to bottom, to assist in achieving high Google results. (Premium Adwords available upon request, (which has a cost) that Guarantee’s 1st Page results)

Specialised Ecommerce Features
1 x User Registration & Log in Feature(allows users secure log in to the site to view members only content. Additional content may also be accessed via their secure account area. Users may store and manage their account/delivery information, view previous and pending orders and access their personal wishlist and favourite items)
1 x Related Products & Recently Viewed Items
1 x Orders & reports(access all of your online order and utilise full reporting functionality)
1 x Favourites & Wishlist(allow users to add items to their account area favourites & wishlist)
1 x Stock Control(including admin defined low stock auto email notifications)
1 x Product Options(holds a variety of product options, fully operational with stock control feature)
1 x Automated Customer Correspondence  (fully automated email correspondence facility ensuring your customers are updated at each stage of the purchase & delivery process – includes editable email templates)

Structure, Navigation & Search Features
1 x Smart Search(Allow users to search via keywords)
1 x Editable menu and submenu structure(have complete control over the arrangement of your site navigation)
1 x Unlimited Categories & Subcategories(arrange your products in an efficient and easy to navigate structure)
1 x Results per page control(define how many results per page you would like your users to view & the layout in which they are viewed)
1 x Unique Site blueprint and design manager access(have complete control over the structure and layout of your website design)

Marketing & Promotional Features
1 x Advanced Banner Management(Create and add UNLIMITED promotional banners to your website – includes per page control and transition style control)
1 x Dynamic Scroller Feature(Flexible Scroller feature that allows you to display your latest/select articles and features using a selection of transitional styles and interactive functions)

1 x Social Widget Integrations(displays your latest news and posts from Facebook & Twitter using embedded social widgets)
1 x Testimonials & Reviews(publish your customer/client reviews & testimonials to your site)
1 x News & Events / Blogs(allows for unlimited categories and article publication)
1 x Newsletter Sign Up(allow users to sign up and store their details to receive your promotional newsletters)
1 x Refer a Friend Feature(allow users to add refer your website instantly to their chosen contacts via email)

Additional Features
1 x Online Contact Form(Preset - allow users to contact you directly via the website)
1 x Unlimited Pages(including upgraded page layout wizard – NEW)
1 x File attachments / downloadable media & content(attach documents, images and a variety of file types allowing users to save & download or view online)
1 x Video & Media Upload and Embed Facility
1 x Advanced Gallery(Unlimited online image galleries including bulk upload, slideshow, zoom, thumbnail display and editable watermarking feature)
1 x Image Zoom(applicable to image gallery and product images for full size image display)
1 x Google Map Embed

Ongoing Fees 
Hosting and use  of a name: First year: FREE   (extra £10 if .com name needed)

On-going:  (for e-Commerce maintentance) £50 per annum


Technical Support:First year FREE of chargesubsequent years at only £150 p/a (optional)

In the unlikely event you wish to host your website elsewhere, we will provide a download of your site (fee £75) to enable you to do this. We have the facility of supplying you with any future upgrades you may require. However you will no longer benefit from our Global Up-dates or triple point back-up service.
There are NO hidden costs and everything will be confirmed in writing



Global Updates
This technologically advanced market leading service ensures that your system is always up to date with the ever changing online climate.


Security– Our global update service will maintain your website systems security to the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)and also the security levels needed to ensure your website meets your duty of care for Data Protection and full compliance. Avoiding liabilities that can arise with non-compliance and effectively delivering you a corporate security solution.


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In addition global updates allows us the opportunity of updating your website system with all of the latest technologies, features, SEOenhancements and security measures on a real-time basis – without the need to interrupt your business activities with frustrating and often costly maintenance upgrades. This also increases the life of your website system as there is no need to buy a new website every couple of years when a simple design upgrade will suffice.


 joomla logo black

As technology moves on and new web browsers are brought to market and updated our global update system maintains compatibility, online security and SEO requirements efficiency to ensure that you have a future proof website system that is powered with the latest technology, features and online security.


 In brief, your website will be future proof – remaining bug-resistant, browser compliant and one step ahead of your competitors.


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