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  • Search engine optimization or "SEO" refers to tuning a website so that search engines such as "Google" bring up your site when a potential visitor enters information into their search engine relevant to your site.

  • For example, if you are mobile therapist working in Suffolk, you would want Google and other search engines to bring your site up whenever a person searches for "Suffolk mobile therapist".  Obviously, the closer you are to the top of the first page of search listings the better, as this means you get more customers finding and looking at your site, and then (hopefully) buying your services!



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  • There are GOOD AND BAD ways to do SEO.

  • SEO companies that promise get you quickly to the TOP of Google or claim to have some "secret" knowledge that will get you quick results are usual signs of BAD SEO. These methods often produce quick results, but eventually Google and others will recognize what is being done and stop the site being seen altogether.

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  • Note this is very different from paid search engine marketing plans like Google Adwords in which companies pay Google to be listed at the top of the search results for certain search words and phrases.  But this does unfortunately cost money!


  • Better SEO on the other hand is slower, but produces lasting results.  These SEO there is no secret knowledge and there are no instant results. SEO takes time and work.

  • white-hat-seo-pie-chartYou can see from this chart the relative importance of the three main areas of SEO:

  • The majority of the work of SEO is done by your content.

  • For content to be SEO friendly means that it should be written is a way that the keywords you are hoping Google will associate with your site are placed in your content.  For example, if you hope Google brings up your site when people search for "Suffolk mobile therapist" these words should appear as often as is natural in your text and headings. But your content should not be over filled with your keywords, otherwise the Google algorithms with notice this.

  • Keyword over filling is a sign of BAD SEO.  Search Engines also value the AGE of your content. The older your content grows but continues to be visited the more "trusted" that content will appear. But at the same time Google values freshness in content. A site that is never updated with new content will eventually appear stale to Google. Balance here is the key. Finally you must have original and unique content - simply copying and pasting information from other sites is a BAD idea.

  • The second area of GOOD SEO are External links. (This is when another site links to you from their site.) But not just any link will benefit you.


  • Google understands what the sites linking to your site are about. Links from sites that have nothing to do with your site are almost worthless.   Purposely building links this way is often called "link farming" or "link exchanges" and is a BAD SEO method.    Finally, Google ranks pages by POPULARITY.

  • Links from very popular sites relevant to your sites topic.   So what your goal should be is to build a quality set of links from sites relevant to your content and popular in that category. Thinking about our mobile therapist example links to her site from a well known therapist review site would be valuable, but a link from a facial product company would not.




  • Links from social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook are also valuable. The best way to build links is to have quality content and to actively engage the broader online community around your topic or business.

  • The quality of your links will improve naturally over time and with the quality of your content. Links from popular community sites and business directories are often very useful for SEO as well as getting your site some community publicity.

  • If your business is not locally focused, links from popular online communities related to your site or business directories is great, such as Google Maps.Google-Yahoo-MSN2



  • The final part of GOOD SEO is having a search engine "friendly" site.

  • This is the most straightforward part of SEO and the easiest to accomplish.

It consists of:

  • A site structure created with well structured, valid, semantic HTML markup that has its visual presentation and behaviors separated from the content and structure. This is critical and is where a web design professional can assist you the most.

  • Correctly constructed folder, page names, and unique titles using your keywords where appropriate. While less important today, adding the correct metadata information for each page should also be added.
    Use the correct semantic markup such as heading and strong tags in your content.

  • Using both alternative text and text image replacement methods on visual images.

  • Correctly structuring links text and titles.

  • Google generally "trusts" sites more that have contact information pages with e-mail, telephone and physical business address. Google cross checks this against Google maps and telephone directories to weed out fake addresses and phone numbers.
    Creating a search engine site map and submitting your site to the major search engines and and location or industry specific directories. If your business has a physical location don't forget to add yourself to Google maps when you add yourself to the Google, Yahoo and Bing business directories. Free listings in local and national online phone directories will also provide quality links.
    Remember there are no special tricks or secrets.

  • Great Content + Quality Design + Community Engagement = Search Results.



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