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Other key things that we do to optimize your site:

  • Getting links from other, relevant sites is the best method.
    • We submit your website to Googlemaps.

  • We create ".XML sitemaps" for the Google search engines. An XML sitemap is an XML file that contains links to every page on your site. We use for creating the .XML Joomla sitemaps, for the search engines.

  • We then submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools is a place for Webmasters to manage their websites in relation to Google. We check your indexation, submit XML sitemaps, test robots.txt and much more. The most important thing, however, is to submit the XML sitemap to Google. It will take a couple of hours for Google to pick up your sitemap after submission.


  • We also make use of Robots.txt for submission. You can specify the location of the Sitemap using a robots.txt file. To do this, we add the following line including the full URL to the sitemap: Sitemap:

  • This directive is independent of the user-agent line, so it doesn't matter where you place it in your file. If you have a Sitemap index file, you can include the location of just that file. You don't need to list each individual Sitemap listed in the index file. You can specify more than one Sitemap file per robots.txt file.

  • So, in addition to submitting your XML sitemap, we enter something like the following into your robots.txt file (found in the Joomla installation root folder):

  • sitemap:,com_xmap/lang,en/no_html,1/sitemap,1/view,xml/ You will find the links to your own sitemaps (HTML and XML) under 'Options -> Preferences' in Xmap.

  • Check which pages are indexed

  • To check which pages are indexed for your site in Google, search for the following: site:www.YOURDOMAIN.COM (replacing YOURDOMAIN.COM with your actual domain)

  • To check in Yahoo, go to and search for your URL. This will also give you a list of inlinks for your site (pages linking to your pages).

  • Please remember one thing: We have the tools to get your pages indexed.

  • That does not mean that your content is considered relevant enough by the search engines.

  • This is crucial to achieve good positions for important keywords.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
  • Boat sheds in line at Southwold, Suffolk
  • Chile's Puyehue volcano erupts, in 2011.
  • Hurricane Irene approaches the east coast of USA, near Florida in 2011.
  • Hotels
  • Cars are abandoned on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive during the Snowpocalypse in February 2011.
  • Sky and sun
  • A monstrous dust storm (Haboob) roared through Phoenix, Arizona in July 2011.
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